1. How do I order the Pre-Planning Tool Kit?

Contact a DCP representative at 757-623-3701 to get started.

2. How do I know we have received the right Took Kit for our Church?

On the initial call, we will conduct a thorough interview regarding your ministry style, the size of your congregation, and facility space requirements. From this information, we will select the best plan for your pre-planning phase.

3. What if we want a different floor plan than those available for the standard Tool Kit?

Good question. You should not need a different plan as you are in the pre-planning stage where it's important to get wisdom on the relationship between space, ministry, and cost. These are what is most important in the pre-planning phase.

4. How do we know if we are on track regarding growth and time?

We will be checking in with you periodically by phone and email to be sure you're on track. If additional consulting is required, you may opt for more time with our representatives on an hourly basis.

5. How do we incorporate the Tool Kit into the general budget plan?

During your consulting call, DCP will explain how to incorporate the tool kit into your budget. Although there are general ways to incorporate the tool kit, we can help tailor this to your specific needs.

6. Will you help us with a PowerPoint presentation?

All the information in the tool kit can easily be adapted into a PowerPoint presentation. We will be happy to review your presentation at no additional cost.

7. How can we get the rendering and floor plan reproduced for presentation to the church?

There are many ways to do this. Most communities have a FedEx, Office Depot, Staples, or other print shops. If you cannot find one, DCP will get your information reproduced and ship it to you, however, it will save you money if you have these printed locally.

8. We are a large church... can we still use the Pre-Planning Took Kit?

The information contained in the tool kit will have some value, however, the purpose of the tool kit is to help you move from pre-planning to the planning phase. As such the PPTK will not have the same implementation value as a specific plan designed for your church. Items like local codes, soil condition, economic demographics, architectural features, and the lending environment have not been taken into consideration. For the purposes of pre-planning, these issues are not important and should not be a service for which a young church should pay.

9. Can we build from the plans in the Tool Kit?

No. The plans provided in the tool kit are schematic drawings that are not for construction.

10. Can we get a loan based on the information in the Tool Kit?

Though you will not be able to get a commitment letter from a lender with the tool kit, we believe you will be able to determine how much you will qualify for. This will give you an advantage because you are employing a proven strategy for growth.

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