Are you an



Watch our 3 minute video.

If you are an EMERGING church, you need the Pre-Planning Tool Kit. The tool kit comes with everything you need to understand financial viability.

You have a vision, but are you ready?

Do you...

  • Know the cost?

  • Understand the relationship of space to function?

  • Understand the financial boundaries within which to operate?

  • Know the impact your project is going to create and the corresponding cost?

  • Know how design can impact cost, both good and bad?

  • Know where the money is going to come from and how it is to be repaid?

  • Know all the code/zoning requirements and how that impacts your project?

Our 30 years of experience has taught us in today's environment, until you reach about 200 in attendance, it will be difficult to generate the critical mass necessary to enter an expansion program.

If you want to DO THIS RIGHT

you need the


What's in the BOX?

How the process works - step by step

Information on how to count costs

Financial and needs analysis

Consulting interview with our professionals

Plans from successful former projects

Elevation views and 3D full color renderings

Tips on what to look for before you purchase property

Renderings and floor plans that will help with space planning