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"We knew we needed to build, but did not see how this building which we are sitting in tonight was possible."

Scott Mayo

Executive Pastor, Bridge Church

Bridge Church
Bridge Church

Why CDS got the call...

"We didn't think it was possible…"

After going through the process of developing a site plan, it appeared the costs to prepare the site would be so financially onerous that the rest of the project was in jeopardy of completion. The main culprit (among others) was an easement running through the property. Prior to our involvement, they hired a local company to develop a site plan. They recommended locating the building a fair distance from the highway to accommodate the existing easement. This setback created additional improvement expenses the church hadn't counted on.

The big testimony here also is the faithfulness of the church to believe – they stretched themselves – they were willing to let us revise their original master plan which is a true testimony to the church being willing to do whatever it took to get out of their rented space and into a home of their own.

How CDS helped...

When we met with the church and studied the options available, it became clear that we didn't have to follow the original site plan. Our plan called for locating the building closer to the road (with the easement to the rear). Not only did this lower the costs for utilities, driveway and parking, but it increased the church's visibility to drive-by traffic.

Besides this challenge, the local economy and the lending guidelines at the time were unfavorable for lending. Due to our experience in financial matters, we were able to help the church find a lender with favorable terms.

"We knew we needed to build, but did not see how this building which we are sitting in tonight was possible. We got connected with CDS through a divine connection with someone in another church. CDS helped us understand how this project was possible and today we are in our new building."

- Pastor Scott Mayo, Executive Pastor of Bridge Church in Virginia Beach, VA

Bridge Church
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